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WLIW Asian Americans of New York and New Jersey:

Quiet Poems by Kim D. Sherman

Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice trailer

National Women’s History Museum Presents Heritage and Harmony:

Donna Weng Friedman


WQXR: Heritage and Harmony

A video series that spotlights the stories and music of leading classical musicians of Asian descent


A four-part mini-series that shines a light on the stories and music of overlooked women composers, past and present

WCBS Newsradio 880 in NYC an interview with news anchor Brigitte Quinn featuring  Never Fade Away

WNYC’s Morning Edition with Michael Hill and John Schaefer

Crushing Classical,

with host Jennet Ingle-one of the top 1.5% most popular shows out of 2,955,445 podcasts globally -all formats and genres! Jennet interviews classical musicians who are forging unique paths with their talent.







History-making dancer Chun Wai Chan to Star in Donna Weng Friedman's short film, NEVER FADE AWAY

NEVER FADE AWAY Review : Critical Dance by Jerry Hochman

Hope, Dreams, and the Healing Power of Music “Never Fade Away”

MOCA Cinema Presents Never Fade Away


NEVER FADE AWAY interview with Britt Stigler, ALL ARTS featuring Chun Wai Chan, Xiaoxiao Cao and Donna Weng Friedman

 NEVER FADE AWAY, Donna Weng Friedman with Lucy Yang on ABC NEWS

Woman Around Town-Donna Weng Friedman and Ariel Grossman: Never Fade Away


All Arts:Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice

All Arts: Heritage and Harmony

Classical Archives:Heritage and Harmony


National Women’s History Museum “Empower” Magazine:

A Q&A with award-winning pianist Donna Weng Friedman

I Care if  You Listen: Quiet Poems Video Premiere

I Care If You Listen: 5 Questions to Donna Weng Friedman

Sharps and Flatirons: Music as a Unifying Power

Persimmon Tree Magazine: Stories from the Piano

New York Magazine, Pianist Cecile Chaminade Rediscovered, by Justin Davidson

Steinway & Sons Teacher Hall of Fame winner Donna Weng Friedman

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